Minox vibration control sieve

Vibration screening machine MTS-V2

The new Minox vibration control sieve
MTS-V2 Ø 450/800/1200/1500

The MTS-V2 series was developed and designed primarily for the control and protective screening of powdery products, including suspensions.

Very high throughputs can be achieved thanks to the central inlet, which is connected to the fine material outlet. The two (running) vibration motors, which are placed at an angle to each other, create a special vibration, which is almost vertical in the center and slopes towards the outside into a flatter transport movement that transports the coarse material outwards. The motors can be adjusted in intensity and inclination depending on the product. Because of their low height, the machines can be easily integrated into existing industrial systems. The motors are lubricated for life and are maintenance-free. The sieve body swings freely and is connected to a support frame via steel springs. This can in turn be mounted on a corresponding base frame.

You can choose between the following screen cleaning systems:
Ball knock cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning
This series is also equipped with double clamp screen frames.